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Nelo Life, An Exclusive Lifestyle Membership Platform, Is Ready To ‘Co-Create A Better World Together’

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A new innovative and dynamic company called Nélo Life is set to take the world by storm with the official launch of the revolutionary brand taking place October 17, 2024. Nélo (pronounced NEE-loh) provides an exclusive lifestyle membership that compounds positive, high-peak experiences. 

The Nélo Life community is at the heart of the company’s mission. It’s a place that inspires, encourages, informs, and uplifts people, fostering a sense of belonging and shared purpose. Members get to join a global network of like-minded individuals, all striving for personal and professional success. 

Adulting has never been more fun! 

Founded by industry titans – Eric Allen, Larry Lane and Nick Sorensen – Nélo Life provides thrilling, life-changing opportunities for entrepreneurs and home-based business pioneers worldwide. The company’s comprehensive services cater to lifestyle experiences, immersive travel adventures, and expert financial trading solutions, all with the aim of transforming lives and communities. 

Nélo stands for Nurturing ExcellenceLiving Optimally. The exciting business was founded with a straightforward initiative: to utilize the power of relationships to uplift humanity in every corner of the globe. 

Nélo Life has three guiding principles: trust, transparency and transformation. 

“We are confident that together we can co-create a global force for good,” says Allen, who is also the CEO and President. 

What Is Nélo Life

Nélo Life is not your typical travel company. It’s a trailblazer in lifestyle membership programs, offering an exclusive blend of value and innovation that’s sure to captivate a global audience. The lifestyle membership, designed to be accessible with low costs and no contracts, is a truly inclusive experience that sets the company apart. 

The founders and a community of resilient and passionate entrepreneurs aim to uplift and transform lives and communities worldwide. They empower others to teach, travel and transform. Nélo Life was pre-launched in April 2024 with thousands of people who quickly joined. 

The company boasts its own in-house technology team, a group of dedicated professionals who have created a stunning website. This platform allows users to click on their country from anywhere around the world, and the interface will automatically update to a user’s local currency and language. Nélo’s team is committed to providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for all our members, no matter where they are. 

“At the heart of the company are servant leaders who founded Nélo Life to help people,” Allen shares. “We are in the business of people, and we want to help others find their happy place. We are dedicated to nurturing excellence in every aspect of life and have a passionate, inclusive corporate culture on a mission to transform lives. Our goal is to help members live optimally and achieve their dreams.” 

He says that sometimes people must answer the call, and it’s time for good people to arise and step forward with a bold vision. Nélo Life is here to help people make money quickly and sustainably so they can make a greater social and economic impact on their families and communities. 

Nélo Life is ready to co-create a better world together. 

In the words of its founders – “Let’s GO NELO!”

The Nélo Life Team

At the heart of Nélo Life is a corporate team of exceptional executives, each a leader in their respective fields. They share a common vision and a commitment to diversity and inclusion, bringing a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion to the table. 

Together with the global Nélo global affiliate family, they drive innovation, foster growth, and propel Nélo Life to new heights. 

“We believe in following the Golden Rule: treat others how you want to be treated,” Allen says. “Our amazing employees are truly part of the Nélo Life Family. We bring employees in based on their character, values, and belief in our bold vision to change the world. We truly have a world-class team.” 

The company has aligned with innovators and creative thinkers – from technology, marketing, legal, graphic design, social media and finance – along with “many other six, seven and eight-figure earners,” says Allen. “We have decided to put our collective egos aside and do something together. We know that every other opportunity has prepared us for this moment. 

Nélo Life’s Core Values 

Before starting Nélo Life, founders Eric Allen, Larry Lane and Nick Sorensen sat down to define the company’s mission. They decided the startup would be guided by trust, transparency and transformation. 

“These are non-negotiables,” Allen explains. “Trust is the key pillar and one of the world’s most valuable currencies. Trust is a life-long process; it can take decades to build and solidify, but only one poor decision can ruin it forever. Trust can only be achieved through transparency. In fact, we use the word ‘radical transparency’ when describing this core value.”

Allen says he’s found that people forgive when honest mistakes are made as long as a company or person is accountable and forgiveness is genuine and transparent. 

“We are not and will never be perfect, and we do not expect others to ever seek perfection,” he says. “However, together, by taking ownership of any shortcomings and working quickly to learn and improve from them, we are confident that we can and will co-create something that can leave a positive social impact across the world. The lifelong journey we envision can ultimately lead to transformation, both individually for our members and collectively, throughout the greater world.”

The Future of Nélo Life

Entrepreneurial enterprises are the future of the business world, and the love for travel has never been higher. Travel is more than just visiting new places; it’s about experiencing the world in meaningful and transformative ways. 

Nélo Life’s immersive travel experiences are designed to ignite the imagination and allow people to explore remote corners of the world or discover hidden gems in well-known destinations. The company’s travel experiences are carefully crafted to provide people with unique experiences and unforgettable memories of different cultures and ways of life. 

With Nélo LIFEtrips, users travel smarter and save more through exclusive group travel discounts and money-saving solutions. It’s time to say goodbye to overpriced trips and hello to affordable adventures with them. Nélo provides a personal travel portal with Nélo LIFEtravel. From luxurious hotels to exotic resorts, thrilling cruises, convenient car rentals, and cozy vacation rentals, its platform offers everything one needs to plan a dream getaway. 

With Nélo LIFEtravel, your next adventure is just a click away.

A user named Aaron W wrote, “Booked a hotel last month online for a wedding coming up in May in Tennessee. The total for two rooms is $1,349. I checked the same hotel today on Nélo Travel, and the total for two rooms at the same hotel is $785.46. That saves me $563.54!!!! This one trip almost pays for my yearly membership! Let’s GO NELO!!!” 

In April 2024, the company announced that early Nelo Life customer enrollment was now open, with plans for a more prominent global launch in October at an event in Cancun. Enrolling early allows members to take advantage of its exclusive discounts and save on travel expenses. The Nelo Life team encourages others to spread the word to travelers looking for a deal but are overpaying with other booking engines. 

According to Nelo Life, active members are eligible for LIFEperks and can save hundreds and thousands of dollars when applying for discounts right before the summer travel season. 

Nélo Life is pre-enrolling for those ready to discover the perfect package for a life journey. 

There are two options available for United States residents: 


NÉLO LIFEstyle Affiliate

  • $59/mo + $20/yr
  • 50% off First Years Affiliate Fee
  • Participate in the United Global Community Build 
  • Earn Commissions 
  • Customer Referral Program 
  • Earn Nélo Rewards 
  • LIFEstreaming Access 

Customer Only

NÉLO LIFEstyle Membership

  • $59/mo
  • LIFEstreaming Access 
  • Customer Referral Program 
  • Earn Nélo Rewards 

Allen shared that one of the most notable accomplishments Nélo Life has already achieved is enrolling over 6,000 members on its first day of pre-launch. 

“It was obviously a great testament to our Affiliate Family worldwide, but that was just the beginning. We feel honored and blessed that many high-achieving entrepreneurs, influencers, thought leaders, and amazing humans are joining us in our global force for good.” 

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