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Nelo Life Empowers Members to Travel and Earn with Unique Membership Program

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Nélo Life founders Eric Allen, Larry Lane, and Nick Sorensen are passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship. They set out to revolutionize the relationship network marketing industry by building a company that puts people at the heart of its mission.

The founders were driven to make things right for others after learning hard lessons in their own careers and businesses.

“The most defining moment came at the inception of Nélo Life, in our earliest days,” said Allen, who also serves as president of the company. 

“The owners never wanted or even planned on starting a relationship-driven company that could truly help others,” he said. “After experiencing firsthand our own hopes and dreams decimated by poor decision-making, pride, ego, greed, and incompetence from corporate decision-makers—and worse, witnessing so many others’ goals devastated as well—we sought to utilize our experiences, both in and out of the industry, to create the Nélo Life global movement.”

Decades of personal and professional relationships enabled them to quickly mobilize the right people and processes to make their vision a reality for many. After coming up with a company name and vision, Allen reached out to Lane and Sorenson, and in early 2024, the Nélo Life global membership movement was born. The early launch took place in April, and the company will officially launch in October 2024.

Nélo, which stands for Nurturing Excellence, Living Optimally, was founded with a simple yet profound mission: to harness the power of relationships to uplift humanity worldwide. Unlike a typical travel company, Nélo is a pioneer in lifestyle membership programs, offering a unique blend of value and innovation that captivates a global audience.

The company’s membership is designed to be accessible, with low costs and no contracts, ensuring a truly inclusive experience. Supported by a community of resilient and passionate entrepreneurs, the founders aim to uplift lives and communities globally. They empower others to teach, travel, and transform, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

Nélo Life Stands On Three Main Pillars 

Nélo Life upholds three core values that are absolutely non-negotiable, says the company’s founders: Trust, Transparency, and Transformation. In today’s cynical and skeptical world, they say, many people have a justified negative outlook on various aspects of life. Disappointments from employers, media, political figures, religious organizations, friends, and family are all too common. Trust is a crucial pillar and one of the world’s most valuable ‘currencies.’ It is a lifelong process that can take decades to build and solidify, but only one poor decision can ruin it forever. 

“Trust is a lifelong process; it can take decades to build and solidify, but only one poor decision can ruin it forever,” Allen said. “Trust can only be achieved through transparency. In fact, we use the term’ radical transparency’ to describe this core value. We have found that most people forgive when honest mistakes are made as long as accountability and forgiveness are genuine and transparent. We are not and will never be perfect, and we do not expect others to seek perfection either. However, by taking ownership of any shortcomings and working quickly to learn and improve, we are confident that we can co-create something that leaves a positive social impact worldwide. The lifelong journey we envision can ultimately lead to transformation, both individually for our members and collectively throughout the greater world.”

Nélo Life Invites Members To Make Waves Together 

Nélo Life is a passport to a world of savings and opportunity for those who join the exclusive lifestyle membership that compounds positive, high-peak experiences by unifying communities and transforming lives one at a time. 

The company offers a personal booking engine that unlocks exclusive travel deals tailored for each user. With Nélo Life, travel planning becomes an adventure at unbeatable prices, says Allen. Whether sandy beaches, bustling city escapes, or serene mountain retreats, Nelo Life makes these destinations accessible without breaking the bank.

Nelo Life goes beyond just savings. As affiliates, individuals can turn their love for travel into a lucrative venture. By sharing Nelo Life with friends, family, and their network, affiliates earn rewards every time a booking is made. With easy-to-use tools and a supportive community, becoming a Nelo Life affiliate is empowering and profitable.

“Nélo Life is dedicated to excellence in every aspect of life, providing unparalleled lifestyle experiences, immersive travel adventures, value-priced premium products, and expert financial trading solutions to help our members live optimally and achieve global success,” said Allen. “Our vision is to harness the power of relationships to uplift and transform lives and communities worldwide, driving a global movement of positive change.”

Nélo Life Is On A Mission To Create A Global Force For Good

When asked how the organization prioritizes diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility, Allen highlighted that the essence of the Nélo Life movement is dedicated to bringing people from all cultures and backgrounds together. “We aim to become a global force for good by unifying individuals from all over the world,” Allen said. He stressed the importance of diversity, stating, “The more diverse our community, the better.”

Allen emphasized that, at the end of the day, humans share many of the same wants, needs, hopes, and desires. “By unifying and uplifting humanity, instead of creating further divides, we are confident we can positively impact the world,” he added. This commitment to inclusivity and social responsibility is at the core of Nélo Life’s mission.

A World of Adventure

Allen believes that the majority would overwhelmingly choose to travel if people were asked what they would do if money were no object. There is plenty of data to support this. 

The State of Travel: Global and U.S. Trends

Travel remains a beloved activity worldwide, evidenced by the significant growth in the travel and tourism industry. In 2023, global international tourist arrivals reached approximately 1.4 billion, reflecting a steady recovery from the pandemic. In the United States alone, domestic travel spending amounted to $1.1 trillion in 2022, showcasing Americans’ strong desire to explore and experience new destinations.

Travel fulfills a longing for adventure and enriches lives through exposure to different cultures, cuisines, and landscapes. This passion for travel is evident in the continuous rise in tourism numbers and the increasing demand for unique and immersive travel experiences.

How Nélo Life Makes Travel Accessible

Nélo Life is committed to making travel accessible and affordable for everyone. By providing a personal booking engine that unlocks exclusive travel deals, Nélo Life ensures that financial constraints do not hinder people from exploring the world. With value-priced premium products and no contracts, Nélo Life offers a truly inclusive experience, allowing members to plan unforgettable adventures without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, Nélo Life’s unique lifestyle membership programs blend savings with the opportunity for affiliates to turn their love for travel into a profitable venture. By sharing Nélo Life with their network, affiliates can earn rewards, making travel a possibility and a source of income.

Nélo Life empowers people to fulfill their travel dreams, bringing the world of adventure within reach for everyone.

“Members will get true ‘insider pricing,’ which is not available to the public,” he said, noting on a recent call how each person gets their own personal travel platform when signing up for Nelo Life. “The goal is to make a few bookings yearly, which will be a complete no-brainer. Then, our vacation week rentals are phenomenal, with inventory worldwide. Members get that as part of their membership.” 

Passionate About Giving Back 

The founders are excited, Allen said, noting that the company is built on servant leaders “from all walks of life.” 

In a world where travel and exploration are deeply cherished, Nélo Life is a beacon of opportunity and accessibility for a global community. By blending affordable travel solutions with a supportive community and profitable affiliate programs, Nélo Life empowers individuals to realize their dreams. 

With a commitment to trust, transparency, and transformation, Nélo Life is not just a company but a movement dedicated to uplifting lives and creating lasting positive impacts worldwide. Where will Nélo Life take people? The possibilities are endless.

“Our goal is to always leave a community better than when we arrived,” Allen said. “We also have massive philanthropic goals as we continue to grow. We also do not shy away from the fact that we love seeing good people making more money as they work hard to accomplish their financial goals as a Nélo Life affiliate. While there are no guarantees of income, we love seeing great people gain more financial ability to give back to the causes they are most passionate about.”

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