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Nelo Life Lifestyle Membership Company Is a ‘Global Force for Good,’ Founders Say

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A new thrilling lifestyle membership company called Nélo Life was founded with one simple initiative: to utilize the power of relationships to uplift humanity in every corner of the globe.

According to a company spokesperson, “Our independent team of affiliates is dedicated to a global mission: to teach, travel, and transform the lives of everyone we reach.”

Nélo provides an exclusive lifestyle membership that compounds positive, high-peak experiences by unifying communities and transforming lives one at a time. It’s a membership that puts people at the center of everything.

“We are confident that together we can co-create a global force for good,” says co-founder Eric Allen, who is also the CEO and President.

The Nélo Life community is at the heart of the company’s mission. It’s a place that inspires, encourages, informs, and uplifts people, fostering a sense of belonging and shared purpose. Members get to join a global network of like-minded individuals, all striving for personal and professional success.

What Is Nelo Life?

Founded by industry leaders Eric Allen, Larry Lane, and Nick Sorensen, Nélo Life is more than a lifestyle membership company. It is a transformative platform that provides unparalleled opportunities for entrepreneurs and home-based business pioneers worldwide. Nélo Life offers a range of comprehensive services, including lifestyle experiences, immersive travel adventures, and expert financial trading solutions. These services are designed to transform lives and communities, inspiring members to achieve new levels of success.

Nélo stands for Nurturing Excellence, Living Optimally. The company operates on three guiding principles: trust, transparency, and transformation.

The official launch of the revolutionary brand will take place on October 17, 2024. Early enrollment got underway in April 2024, and Allen expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support the company has received.

“Enrolling over 6,000 members on our first day of pre-launch was a great testament to our affiliate family across the world, but that was just the beginning,” Allen said. “We feel honored and blessed that so many high-achieving entrepreneurs, influencers, thought leaders and overall amazing humans are joining us in our global force for good.”

Nélo Life is dedicated to fostering excellence and empowering clients to live life to the fullest. Believing that true excellence encompasses all aspects of life, the company offers a comprehensive suite of services. These services are crafted to elevate members’ lifestyles, enrich their travel experiences, and enhance their financial well-being, providing a holistic approach to personal and professional success.

Unmatched Membership Value

Unlike traditional wholesale clubs like Costco or Sam’s Club, Nélo Life’s membership offers a unique approach to enhancing life. Members enjoy wholesale travel, unforgettable experiences, member-only pricing on premium lifestyle products, and access to world-class speakers and educators. Additionally, the program provides tools and opportunities to enhance financial success, making it a comprehensive solution for those looking to elevate their lives.

Unparalleled Lifestyle Experiences

Nélo Life understands that living optimally means accessing experiences that enrich life and broaden horizons. That’s why they curate fabulous lifestyle experiences that cater to their members’ unique preferences and desires. From exclusive events to each personalized detail, they ensure that every aspect is taken care of, allowing their members to live a life that is not just productive but also very fulfilling.

Immersive Travel Adventures

For Nélo Life, travel is more than just visiting new places; it’s about experiencing the world in meaningful and transformative ways. Nélo’s immersive travel adventures are designed to do just that. Whether exploring remote corners of the globe or discovering hidden gems in well-known destinations, their travel experiences are carefully crafted to provide unforgettable memories and insights into different cultures and ways of life.

Founder’s Vision and Mission

Reflecting on the company’s inception, Founder and CEO Eric Allen shared, “Creating a relationship-driven company wasn’t initially on our agenda. However, witnessing the adverse effects of poor decision-making and corporate incompetence on our dreams and those of others motivated us to leverage our experiences to establish Nélo Life. With decades of personal and professional relationships, we quickly assembled the right team and resources to bring our vision to life.”

Nélo Life stands out from typical travel companies by pioneering lifestyle membership programs that offer a unique blend of value and innovation. The membership is designed to be accessible at low costs and without contracts, creating an inclusive experience that distinguishes the company.

The company features an in-house technology team, a dedicated group of professionals who developed a sophisticated website. This platform allows users to select their country from anywhere in the world, with the interface automatically updating to the user’s local currency and language. Nélo’s team is committed to delivering a seamless and user-friendly experience for all members, regardless of location.

“Servant leaders founded Nélo Life to help people,” says CEO Eric Allen. “We are in the business of people, striving to help others find their happy place. We are dedicated to nurturing excellence in every aspect of life and have a passionate, inclusive corporate culture on a mission to transform lives. Our goal is to help members live optimally and achieve their dreams.”

The Nélo Life Team

At the core of Nélo Life is a corporate team of outstanding executives, each a leader in their respective fields. They share a unified vision and a commitment to diversity and inclusion, bringing a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion to the organization.

“We hire employees based on their character, values, and belief in our bold vision to change the world,” said Allen. “They are incredibly talented and have been a key ingredient in our successful launch. Our employees are self-motivated and work hard, but we encourage them to maintain a well-balanced life. We provide and promote ongoing personal and professional development, integrating them into all areas of our movement to fully embrace the power of relationship marketing done the right way.”

Together with the global Nélo affiliate family, they drive innovation, foster growth, and elevate Nélo Life to new heights.

“We believe in following the Golden Rule: treat others how you want to be treated,” says CEO Eric Allen. “Our incredible employees are truly part of the Nélo Life family. We hire based on character, values, and belief in our bold vision to change the world. We truly have a world-class team.”

The company collaborates with innovators and creative thinkers across technology, marketing, legal, graphic design, social media, and finance.

Allen adds, “We have many six, seven, and eight-figure earners who have decided to put their collective egos aside and do something together. Every other opportunity has prepared us for this moment.”

The Future of Nelo Life

Nélo Life is pre-enrolling for those ready to discover the perfect package for a life journey. There are two options available for United States residents:


NÉLO LIFEstyle Affiliate

  • $59/mo + $20/yr
  • 50% off First Years Affiliate Fee
  • Participate in the United Global Community Build
  • Earn Commissions
  • Customer Referral Program
  • Earn Nélo Rewards
  • LIFEstreaming Access

Customer Only

NÉLO LIFEstyle Membership

  • $59/mo
  • LIFEstreaming Access
  • Customer Referral Program
  • Earn Nélo Rewards

“The essence of the Nélo Life movement is dedicated to bringing people from all cultures and backgrounds together to become a global force for good,”” Allen said. “”The more diverse our community, the better. At the end of the day, we all share many of the same wants, needs, hopes, and desires. By unifying and uplifting humanity, instead of creating a further divide, we are confident we can positively impact the world.”

Nélo Life is passionate about transforming lives and communities through its unique blend of lifestyle, travel, and financial services. The company invites individuals to join them on this incredible journey of growth and success.

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