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Eric Allen, Co-Founder of Nelo Life, Leverages Relationships in New Venture

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Eric Allen, co-founder and president of Nelo Life, began his career in the heart of the inner city, dedicating himself as a teacher and athletic coach to inspire and empower students to chase their dreams. “Those years in the classroom and on the court were pivotal,” Allen said. “They set in motion a journey that would eventually lead me to become a servant leader and entrepreneur.”

Allen served as the varsity head coach at Indianapolis Manual High School, leading the Redskins to one of the largest improvements in the state during the 2004-05 season. As one of the youngest head coaches in IHSAA Class 4A, he helped Manual improve from 3-17 to 11-11 in his first season. The following year, Allen guided the Redskins to the program’s best-winning percentage in nearly two decades.

“My time as an inner-city teacher and coach, where I met my wife, is filled with some of my best memories,” Allen shared. 

“I love to pour guidance and light into youth coming from tragic backgrounds. Nothing warms our hearts more than running into former students and athletes we coached, hearing their stories—sometimes we don’t even remember the ‘little’ things—that made a transformational impact on their lives. I love the expression of changing the world by starting in your backyard. Everywhere we look, especially today, there are people hurting and struggling, carrying their own demons and challenges. Even a smile and a show of love and compassion can create a ripple effect that brightens the world.”

Before his teaching and coaching career, Allen earned a B.S. in Business-Marketing from Indiana University in 1998 and a B.A. in Business Education from the University of Indianapolis in 2001. He received a master’s degree in School Counseling from Indiana State University in 2005.

Eric Allen Ascends to the Collegiate Basketball Ranks

“My professional career started as an inner-city teacher and sports coach, which ultimately led to fulfilling a dream of coaching Division I college basketball in the USA,” Allen said. He became a men’s basketball assistant coach and later a strength and conditioning coach at IUPUI, a Division I athletic program. 

However, the demanding lifestyle of collegiate coaching began to clash with his desire for a more balanced life and quality time with his growing family.

In search of a solution, Allen discovered the network marketing business model. 

“Through a ton of hard work and painful learning lessons, I realized that relationship marketing, done the right way, can create a lifestyle most people can only dream about,” he explained. This realization marked a turning point, leading him to excel in the field and achieve top ranks in three network marketing companies.

Allen’s experience in network marketing taught him invaluable life lessons, skills, and the importance of personal and professional development. 

“The relationships and experiences I gained were instrumental in shaping my approach to business and charitable pursuits,” he said. His journey took another significant turn when he decided to lead a network marketing company from the field leadership side. 

“Coming out of what I thought was retirement from the industry was a challenge, but it made the greatest impact on where I am today.”

Who Is Eric Allen

Today, Eric Allen is a proud husband, father, business leader, and co-founder and president of Nelo Life. He’s also a former Division I assistant basketball coach, community leader and youth athletic coach. 

“Honestly, I’m most proud of carving out time over the past 10 years to coach my three younger kids in their sports—baseball, basketball, soccer, etc. Unfortunately, I missed out on a lot of that special time with my oldest son while chasing my dream of being a ‘big time’ college basketball coach, and I’ll never get it back. As competitive and ambitious as I can be at times, creating tons of memories with my family during their crucial upbringing is something I will cherish forever.”

Eric believes that being present for his children’s formative years is the most rewarding accomplishment of his life. Coaching his kids has allowed him to build a strong bond with them, teaching them sports and life lessons that will stay with them forever. 

He acknowledges his sacrifices for his career but is grateful for the opportunity to make up for lost time with his younger children. This dedication to the family has become the cornerstone of his personal and professional philosophy, reinforcing the importance of balance and presence in achieving true success.

Nelo Life Is Born

As president and co-founder of Nelo Life, Allen’s vision extends beyond personal success. “I witnessed firsthand the complete annihilation of many people’s hopes and dreams through poor business execution from corporate decision-makers,” he explained. 

Determined to make a difference, Allen and his partners stepped into ownership to be great stewards of their members’ goals and best interests.

In early 2024, Eric Allen and his partners established Nélo Life, which stands for Nurturing Excellence, Living Optimally, with a clear and profound mission: to leverage the power of relationships to uplift humanity worldwide. Unlike a traditional travel company, Nélo Life is a trailblazer in lifestyle membership programs, offering a unique blend of value and innovation that appeals to a global audience.

Nélo Life’s membership is designed to be accessible, with low costs and no contracts, ensuring inclusivity for all. Supported by a community of resilient and passionate entrepreneurs, the founders aim to enhance lives and communities worldwide. They empower individuals to teach, travel, and transform, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

“It’s been a lot of hard work and sleepless nights,” Allen admitted. “But we are truly co-creating a movement that will bless many people’s lives worldwide. “Every step of this journey has been about lifting others up and helping them realize their potential,” 

Allen explained, embodying the spirit of Nelo Life’s mission to inspire and empower.

More About Eric Allen and Nélo Life

Nélo Life provides an exclusive lifestyle membership that compounds positive, high-peak experiences by unifying communities and transforming lives one at a time.

The company represents the culmination of Eric’s experiences and values. By fostering a supportive community and promoting personal growth, Eric aims to create a lasting impact on individuals and society as a whole. Through Nélo Life, he inspires others to lead lives filled with purpose, connection, and positive change.

Nélo Life distinguishes itself from traditional travel companies by pioneering lifestyle membership programs that offer a unique blend of value and innovation, captivating a global audience. 

Mission and Vision

Nélo Life’s mission is rooted in the belief that strong, supportive relationships are the key to personal and communal growth. The company upholds three non-negotiable core values, says Allen: Trust, Transparency, and Transformation. 

By fostering connections and providing transformative experiences, Nélo Life aims to create a positive ripple effect that enhances lives and communities globally. The company’s vision is to empower individuals to live their best lives by providing resources, opportunities, and a supportive community that encourages continuous personal development.

Nelo Life – Membership and Accessibility

Nélo Life’s membership model is designed to be inclusive and accessible to everyone. With low costs and no contracts, the company ensures that financial barriers do not hinder participation. This approach reflects Nélo Life’s commitment to inclusivity and its belief that everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from the programs and experiences it offers.

Programs and Services

Nélo Life offers various programs and services to promote personal growth, wellness, and community engagement. These include:

  • Travel and Adventure: Curated travel experiences that allow members to explore new cultures, challenge themselves, and build lasting relationships.
  • Educational Workshops: A range of workshops and seminars covering topics such as personal development, leadership, wellness, and entrepreneurship.
  • Community Events: Local and international events designed to foster community spirit and encourage networking among members.
  • Wellness Programs: Health and wellness initiatives that support physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

“I believe our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, so I prioritize health and wellness as often as possible,” Allen says. “Our family always ensures we have a vacation planned to look forward to, and once we reach our destination, we truly ‘unplug’ to enjoy uninterrupted family time. My faith plays a significant role in managing worldly stresses. Without His grace and willingness to save a sinner like me, I would be lost with no hope whatsoever.”

Entrepreneurial Support

Nélo Life is supported by a community of resilient and passionate entrepreneurs. These individuals are dedicated to uplifting lives and communities around the world. By empowering others to teach, travel, and transform, Nélo Life creates positive change beyond its immediate community. The company provides a platform for entrepreneurs to share their knowledge, skills, and experiences, further enhancing the value of the membership.

Nelo Life – Impact and Future Goals

Nélo Life’s impact is measured not just in the number of members it serves but in the quality of the experiences and the depth of the relationships it fosters. The company’s founders, including Eric Allen, are committed to continuously improving and expanding their offerings to meet the evolving needs of their members. Future goals for Nélo Life include expanding its global reach, developing new and innovative programs, and strengthening the community of members and entrepreneurs.

Eric Allen is also dedicated to giving back to people and communities across the globe.

“The essence of Nélo Life is to uplift and transform people and communities around the world by aligning with proven charitable organizations,” Allen said. “My wife and I also started our own 501(c)(3) charity that gives 100% of all money away to our vetted charity partners. I have personally been active in my local church, Boys and Girls Club, Little League, orphanages, and organizations combating sex trafficking, all striving to uplift humanity.”

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