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For Nélo Life President Eric Allen – Trust, Transparency, Transformation Are Not Just Words!

Eric Allen & Family - Nelo Life


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Nélo Life co-founder and President Eric Allen is known to tell the kids he is coaching that sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and answer a higher calling, even when scared. For years, he talked about starting a relationship marketing company, and with his wife, Casey’s support, he finally jumped all in.

Allen really wanted to shake things up in the exclusive lifestyle membership industry. He wanted to help people all around the world connect with each other and have awesome experiences. His plan was to encourage others to learn, explore, make unforgettable memories, and save money together.

My wife said, ‘Honey, you’ve been wanting to do this for so long!'” Allen explained. “Things just started happening, and she asked, ‘Who’s going to do it with you?’ and I said, ‘Nick and Larry, they just don’t know it yet!’

Eric Allen – President of Nelo Life

What is Nélo Life?

As the president and co-founder of Nélo Life, Allen’s purpose is bodacious. He’s seen too many folks’ dreams go down the drain because of big-shot executives making impulsive business moves, which tank the dreams of the affiliates, and he’s not having it.

Determined to inspire trust with vendors, team members, regulators, and the public at large, Allen and his partners stepped into ownership to be the best stewards they can be of their members’ goals and best interests.

On April 11, 2024 (my oldest son’s birthday, I might add), Eric Allen, Larry Lane, and Nick Sorenson, his partners, opened the doors of Nélo Life, which stands for Nurturing Excellence, Living Optimally. Their driving mission was to use the power of relationships to lift up people around the world. Unlike many other direct-to-consumer or network marketing travel and membership companies, Nélo Life offers unique lifestyle membership plans that are both innovative and valuable, appealing to Main Street entrepreneurs and consumers globally.

Nélo Life’s membership is made for the middle-income consumer; with no contracts and low costs, it’s easy and affordable to everyone, anywhere, no matter their lifestyle goals. With the support of a community of determined and enthusiastic Main Street entrepreneurs, the founders aim to improve lives and communities globally. They encourage individuals to teach, travel, and transform, setting off a chain reaction of positive change.

It’s been a lot of hard work and sleepless nights. But we are truly co-creating a movement that will bless many people’s lives worldwide. Every step of this journey has been about lifting others up and helping them realize their potential.

The company hasn’t been rushed, and in terms of design, marketing, corporate relations and talent, it’s top-notch. We feel incredibly blessed. This is just the beginning of what we believe will be a legacy.

Eric Allen President, and Co-Founder of Nélo Life

Eric Allen and his partners seem to be building a real global presence with Nélo Life.

The launch of Nélo Life seems timely. Coming out of the pandemic era, the travel industry continues to thrive globally, with $200 billion in global industry revenue. I was just talking with a client in Orlando who just built a development of Airbnb homes aimed at Swedish tourists visiting Disney. If you are a family or individual who prioritizes creating experiences and traveling, then Nélo Life may offer the travel options you have been searching for.

Allen, Lane, and Sorenson are working together to establish a new benchmark in affiliate relationship marketing. The company’s core values are trust, transparency, and transformation, and they unwaveringly emphasize these.

It sounds like Allen sees Nélo Life as a chance to bring people together and change the world through the strength of community. He’s passionate about building a movement that can leave a positive mark on the universe.

I have had this God-sized dream for a long time to co-create a truly global force for good by galvanizing great people from all corners of the world to uplift and empower them and the communities in which they live. I love watching others achieve their lifestyles and fulfill their passions on greater levels than they ever thought possible.

Eric Allen, president and co-founder of Nélo Life

Nélo Life is driven by the conviction that trusting, supportive relationships are fundamental to personal and community development. According to Allen and the Nelo Life website, the company stands on three non-negotiable core values: Trust, Transparency, and Transformation.

Nélo Life is dedicated to creating a positive impact worldwide by building connections and offering life-changing experiences. The company’s goal is to empower individuals to live their best lives by providing resources, opportunities, and a supportive community that promotes ongoing personal development.

At Nélo Life, you can participate in a range of programs and services that aim to help you grow personally, stay healthy, and get involved in the community.

  1. Travel and Adventure: Handpicked travel experiences that enable members to explore new cultures, challenge themselves, and build lasting relationships.
  2. Educational Workshops: A range of workshops and seminars covering topics such as personal development, leadership, wellness, and entrepreneurship.
  3. Community Events: Local and international events designed to foster community spirit and encourage networking among members.
  4. Wellness Programs: Health and wellness initiatives that support physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Who is Eric Allen, President And Co-Founder of Nélo Life?

Eric & Casey Allen

Eric Allen got his Bachelor of Science in Business and Marketing from Indiana in 1998, then earned his Bachelor of Arts in Business Education from the University of Indianapolis in 2001. He finished his Master’s in School Counseling from Indiana State in 2005.

After graduating from Indianapolis Roncalli High School in 1995, Allen snagged the basketball team’s Mental Attitude Award in his senior season. He then went on to coach Division I collegiate basketball and was previously the head coach at Indianapolis Manual High School. During his time there, he helped the team achieve one of the biggest improvements in the state in 2004-05.

As one of the youngest head coaches in IHSAA Class 4A, Allen helped Manual improve from 3-17 to 11-11 in his first season. In 2005-06, Allen led the Redskins to an 11-10 record, which was the program’s best winning percentage in nearly two decades. He eventually ditched his job as an athletic coach to find a better balance between work and family as his family grew.

I became open to the network marketing business model. Through a ton of hard work and painful learning lessons, I realized that relationship marketing done the right way can create a lifestyle most people can only dream about.

Eric Allen, Co-Founder and President of Nélo Life

Over the past twenty years, Eric has started a dozen companies in different industries, positively impacting millions of lives and generating billions in revenue. But most of all, he and Casey Allen also consistently reinvest thousands of dollars back into the community.

Eric is married to Casey and they have four kids. They’re all about making a difference and being leaders who serve others. Eric Allen has traveled to over 30 countries, talking to all kinds of people about how to grow both personally and professionally.

He loves coaching his three boys in sports and going to his daughter’s gymnastics, ballet, cheerleading, and tap dancing classes. Eric and Casey love traveling with their kids to as many bucket list destinations as they can each year. Eric’s current professional focus is on raising the standard of excellence in relationship marketing with the Nélo Life movement.

Eric’s current professional focus is on raising the standard of excellence in relationship marketing with the Nélo Life movement.

He is dedicated to collaboratively building a positive global impact through trust, transparency, and transformation, leaving a lasting legacy.

What Does The Future Hold For Eric & Casey Allen?

Eric Allen is using what he’s learned, the skills he’s gained, and the connections he’s built from reaching the top ranks in three network marketing companies to help him succeed in leading Nelo Life.

Allen was ready to quit network marketing after a former company left a bad impression on him, but he felt compelled to push forward and improve things for others.

Eric Allen and Nélo Life want to make a positive difference in the world by teaming up with charitable organizations. They’re all about helping people and communities globally. Eric and his family are on a mission to do good and inspire others to do the same.

Casey and I also started our own 501(c)3 charity that gives 100% of all money away to our vetted charity partners. I have personally been active in my local church, Boys and Girls Club, Little League, orphanages, sex trafficking organizations, and other organizations striving to uplift humanity.

Eric Allen, President & Co-Founder of Nelo Life

Rooted in trust, transparency, and transformation, Nélo Life is emerging as the leading lifestyle membership company and a movement empowered to uplift humanity. Through trust-inspired, purpose-driven service, philanthropy, and a dedication to learning from past mistakes, Eric Allen is paving the way for a future where dreams are realized, communities are transformed, and legacies are forged.

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