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Nelo Life Co-Founder Eric Allen Is Transforming Dreams Into Reality With Exclusive Lifestyle Membership

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Nélo Life CEO and co-founder Eric Allen said sometimes people have to take a leap of faith and answer a higher calling even when afraid. For years, he talked about starting a relationship marketing company, and with his wife’s urging, he finally jumped all in.

Allen was driven by a deep desire to revolutionize the exclusive lifestyle membership industry in hopes of creating meaningful connections and experiences for people worldwide. He wanted to empower others to learn, explore the world, create memories and save together.

Armed with a vision and idea, he just needed a company name and teammates.

“My wife said, ‘Honey, you’ve wanted to do this for a long time,'” Allen explained. “Circumstances started unfolding, and she said, ‘Who’s going to do it with you?’ and I said, ‘Nick and Larry, they just don’t know it yet.'”

Ten minutes later, Allen reached out to his former business associates and now partners, Larry Lane and Nick Sorensen. Shortly thereafter, Nélo Life was born.

Nélo stands for Nurturing Excellence, Living Optimally.

“The company was not rushed,” Allen shared. “In terms of design, marketing, corporate relations and talent, it is top-notch. We feel incredibly blessed. This is just the beginning of what we believe will be a legacy.”

Eric Allen Creates A True Global Force With Nélo Life

Nélo Life’s timing couldn’t be better. The travel industry continues to thrive in a post-pandemic world, where families and individuals place a premium on creating experiences and traveling.

Plus, Allen emphasized that with “$200 billion in global industry revenue,” substantial power and viability exist.

Allen and his partners express excitement in collaboratively establishing a new benchmark of excellence in relationship marketing with affiliates – prioritizing trust, transparency, and transformation at the core of the company’s values.

Allen says Nélo Life is an opportunity to unify and transform humanity through the power of community. He wants to co-create an epic movement that leaves a positive dent in the universe.

“I have had this God-sized dream for a long time to co-create a truly global force for good by galvanizing great people from all corners of the world to uplift and empower them and the communities in which they live,” Allen shared. “I love watching others achieve their lifestyles and fulfill their passions on greater levels than they ever thought possible.”

Eric Allen Nelo Life: Raising A Standard of Excellence 

Nelo Life’s Eric Allen was born to lead. After chasing his main passions as a full-time inner-city teacher and collegiate basketball coach, he shifted his focus and drive to pursue an entrepreneurial and philanthropic career. For over 20 years, Allen has started a dozen traditional companies in various industries, sectors and verticals. He has touched millions of lives and generated billions of revenue while pumping thousands of dollars back into the community.

Eric is married to his wife, Casey, and they have four children. The family of six desires to live as servant leaders and aim to make a difference in the lives of others. Eric Allen has traveled the world, visiting over 30 countries and speaking to small and large audiences about personal and professional development.

He’s passionate about coaching his three younger boys in their sports while attending his daughter’s gymnastics, ballet, cheerleading and tap dancing classes. Eric and Casey enjoy ‘world schooling’ their children, checking off as many ‘bucket list’ destinations as possible each year.

Eric’s current professional focus is on raising the standard of excellence in relationship marketing with the Nélo Life movement.

Through trust, transparency, and transformation, he is committed to co-creating a global force for good that leaves a lasting legacy that positively impacts the world.

Eric Allen Nelo Life: Education and Career

Eric Allen earned his B.S. in Business-Marketing from Indiana in 1998 and his B.A. in Business Education from the University of Indianapolis in 2001. He received his Master’s in School Counseling from Indiana State in 2005.

A 1995 graduate of Indianapolis Roncalli High School, Allen won the basketball team’s Mental Attitude Award winner his senior season. He went on to coach Division I collegiate basketball and previously served as the varsity head coach at Indianapolis Manual High School, helping the Redskins to one of the largest improvements in the state in 2004-05.

As one of the youngest head coaches in IHSAA Class 4A, Allen helped Manual improve from 3-17 to 11-11 in his first season. In 2005-06, Allen guided the Redskins to an 11-10 mark, the program’s best winning percentage in nearly two decades.

He eventually left his athletic coaching career behind to seek more of a life balance for his growing family.

“I became open to the network marketing business model,” Eric Allen said. “Through a ton of hard work and painful learning lessons, I realized that relationship marketing done the right way can create a lifestyle most people can only dream about.”

Nelo Life’s Eric Allen Is Thrilled About The Future

Eric Allen is using the lessons he learned, the skills he gained, and the relationships he built while reaching the top ranks in three network marketing companies to help him succeed with his new venture.

Allen said he was set to retire from the industry after a former company left a bad taste in his mouth. However, his heart was stirred to keep going in hopes of making things better for others. Nelo Life’s Eric Allen has a wealth of knowledge and passion he wants to share to make his members’ dreams come true.

“I witnessed firsthand the complete annihilation of many peoples’ hopes and dreams through poor business execution from the corporate decision-makers,” Allen said. “My partners and I decided to step into the ownership side for the first time and do our best to be great stewards of our members’ goals and best interests. It’s been a lot of hard work and sleepless nights, but we are truly co-creating a movement that will bless many people’s lives worldwide.”

Eric Allen and Nélo Life aim to uplift and transform people and communities worldwide by also aligning with proven charitable organizations. Eric and his family are on a mission to do good in the world and empower others to do the same.

“My wife and I also started our own 501(c)3 charity that gives 100% of all money away to our vetted charity partners,” Allen said. “I have personally been active in my local church, Boys and Girls Club, Little League, orphanages, sex trafficking organizations, and other organizations striving to uplift humanity.”

If given the chance to talk with his younger self, Eric would say, “Dream even bigger, and don’t hesitate! Find mentors who exemplify the lifestyle and values you aspire to. Embrace humility, or it will be forced upon you. Stop fretting over others’ judgments and stay resolute in your convictions, even when standing alone. There are many times I wish I could go back and slap some wisdom into my younger self, but I have four children to impart many lessons I’ve learned the hard way.”

Eric Allen and Nelo Life are just getting started, and he exemplifies the power of seizing opportunities and answering a higher calling. Eric’s vision to redefine the lifestyle membership industry reflects a deep commitment to fostering connections and empowering individuals worldwide.

Rooted in trust, transparency, and transformation, Nélo Life emerges as a company and a movement empowered to uplift humanity. Through service, philanthropy, and a dedication to learning from past mistakes, Eric Allen paves the way for a future where dreams are realized, communities are transformed, and legacies are forged.

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