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Nélo Life Helps Redefine Success Beyond Wealth with Lifestyle Membership by TechBullion

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A new innovative, thrilling and life-changing opportunity is coming for entrepreneurs worldwide with the introduction of Nélo Life, a LIFEstyle membership global movement. Nélo stands for Nurturing ExcellenceLiving Optimally. The company was founded with one simple initiative: to utilize the power of relationships to uplift humanity in every corner of the globe. 

The company has three guiding principles: trust, transparency and transformation. Nélo is confident that “together, we can co-create a global force for good,” said founders Eric Allen, Larry Lane and Nick Sorensen. 

Nélo Life is not your typical travel company. It’s a pioneer in the world of lifestyle membership programs, offering a unique blend of value and innovation that’s sure to captivate a global audience. The company’s membership is designed to be accessible, with low costs and no contracts, making it a truly inclusive experience. 

The founders and a community of resilient and passionate entrepreneurs are on a mission to uplift lives and communities worldwide. They teach others how to teach, travel and transform. 

The Nélo Life Team

At the heart of Nélo Life is a corporate team of exceptional executives, each a leader in their respective fields. They share a common vision and a commitment to diversity and inclusion, bringing a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion to the table. Together with the global Nélo global affiliate family, they are driving innovation, fostering growth, and propelling Nélo Life to new heights. 

“We believe in following the Golden Rule: treat others how you want to be treated,” CEO Eric Allen shared. “Our amazing employees are truly part of the Nélo Life Family. We bring employees in based on their character, values, and belief in our bold vision to change the world.” 

He says they are amazingly talented and have been critical to the company’s successful launch. “Our employees work hard through self-motivation,” Allen added, “but they are also encouraged to maintain a well-balanced life. We provide and encourage ongoing personal and professional development and bring them into all areas of our movement to fully embrace the power of relationship marketing done the right way.” 

What Is Nélo Life

It’s more than just a business – Nélo Life is a movement and brand. The startup aims to help its members live optimally and achieve their dreams with global success. 

The lifestyle membership program is an exclusive gateway to a world of premium products, immersive travel experiences, and expert financial solutions. The company’s aim is to help its members achieve excellence in every aspect of their lives, from travel and wellness to beauty and financial services. 

In April 2024, the company announced that early Nélo Life customer enrollment was now open, with plans for a more prominent global launch in October. By enrolling early, members can take advantage of its exclusive discounts and save on travel expenses. The Nélo Life team encourages others to spread the word to travelers looking for a deal but are overpaying with other booking engines. 

According to Nélo Life, active members are eligible for LIFEperks and can save hundreds and thousands of dollars when applying for discounts right before the summer travel season. 

Nélo Life Enrolls Astounding 6,000 Members During Pre-Launch 

CEO Eric Allen shared that one of the most notable accomplishments Nélo Life has already achieved is enrolling over 6,000 members on its first day of pre-launch. 

“It was obviously a great testament to our Affiliate Family worldwide, but that was just the beginning. We feel honored and blessed that many high-achieving entrepreneurs, influencers, thought leaders and amazing humans are joining us in our global force for good.” 

The company was marked by one defining moment, he said, that happened in its earliest days. 

“The owners never wanted or even planned on starting a relationship-driven company that could truly help others,” Allen explained. “After experiencing first-hand our own hopes and dreams decimated by poor decision-making, pride, ego, greed, and/or incompetency from corporate decision-makers – and worse, witnessing so many others’ goals devastated as well – we sought to utilize our own experiences, both in and out of the industry, to come together and create the Nélo Life global movement. Fortunately, decades of personal and professional relationships allowed us to utilize resources to move quickly with the right people and processes to make our company a reality for many.” 

The Future of Nélo Life

The core principle of the Nélo Life movement is to unite individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds worldwide, forming a powerful force for good. By embracing diversity, they enrich communities and foster collective strength. As a member of Nélo Life, members are not just part of a lifestyle program, but a global movement that is making a genuine positive difference in the world. 

As human beings, Allen says, we share common aspirations and dreams. Nélo Life aims to uplift and inspire others to make a genuine positive difference in the world by fostering unity and empowerment rather than division and discouragement.

“Interestingly, the overarching goal of Nélo Life is not to make the owners wealthy,” Allen explained. “We measure true success on the number of members who maintain an active monthly LIFEstyle membership and, more, in the lives positively impacted by our global movement! Material possessions are nice but fleeting. Lasting impact and legacy drive us to be great stewards of our bold vision to transform lives and communities worldwide.”

The company wants to help others know what living optimally truly means. 

In the spirit of transparency, each Monday, the founders host a Corporate Co-Creation Call (9am PT, 12pm ET) to give updates on what is happening with the company and to keep members informed and in the loop. Members can watch at

The company is rooted in its co-creation agreement: 

  1. To Be Our Top Priority Through Authentic Transparency.
  2. To Share in the Revenue and Be Paid on Time, Every Time.

III. To Participate in Fun Incentive Trips and Promotions.

  1. To Work with You to Uplift Your Local Communities.
  2. To Real Peace of Mind as a Partner WITH the Corporate Team.
  3. To Be Our Voice, Eyes, and Ears in the Field.

VII. To Reasonable Notice of Any Major Decisions.

VIII. To Life-Long Adherence to Our Core Values of TRUST, TRANSPARENCY, and TRANSFORMATION.

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