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From Collegiate Basketball Coach To Nélo Life – Co-Founder, Eric Allen Is Creating ‘A Global Force For Good’

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Nélo Life CEO and co-founder Eric Allen’s journey is a testament to the power of faith and perseverance. From his humble beginnings as a high school and collegiate basketball coach, he never imagined that he would one day lead a global network marketing business. In 2024, driven by a ‘God-sized dream,’ he took a leap of faith, co-founding Nélo Life with a mission to revolutionize the industry, a decision that would change his life and the lives of many others.

The core mantra of the innovative, cutting-edge company is to “teach, travel and transform.” Nélo (pronounced NEE-loh) stands for “Nurturing Excellence, Living Optimally.” This name reflects the startup’s commitment to nurturing the excellence within each individual and helping them live their lives to their fullest potential.

“While I have started and ran a wide array of traditional businesses, I never envisioned myself being on the ownership side of a direct selling/network marketing business,” Allen explained. “In fact, it was always the ‘field leadership’ lifestyle of time and financial freedom that initially drew me to the industry in the first place nearly two decades ago. However, after experiencing firsthand and seeing so many other entrepreneurs’ hopes and dreams devastated by poor decisions behind the ‘corporate curtain,’ I partnered with some amazingly talented individuals to form Nélo Life.”

Allen and his business partners – Larry Lane and Nick Sorensen – are on a mission to “co-create a true global force for good” by pulling together entrepreneurs and business leaders all across the world to offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance lifestyles, travel experiences and financial well-being.

Nélo Life Eric Allen: A New Beginning Is Birthed

Nélo Life is much more than a business – it’s a global movement that aims to make dreams come true for affiliate partners and the people they serve. Allen says he believes in servant leadership and is on a mission to create a business that will outlast his lifetime and help people for generations to come.

“I love watching others achieve lifestyles and fulfill passions on greater levels than they ever thought possible. I look forward to our global community truly leaving a lasting positive ‘dent’ in the universe and a legacy in which all members can feel proud,” Allen said.

What Is Nélo Life, and Who Is Eric Allen

Nelo Life is a brand-new, innovative, interactive company that offers an exclusive lifestyle membership program that compounds positive, high-peak experiences by unifying communities and transforming lives one at a time. The company is designed to bring memberships to people in many different areas of their lives. Nelo Life even has an in-house technology and corporate team that share a collective vision and commitment. Allen says he was intentional about getting the right people and leaders on board before launching Nélo.

“Our diverse team brings together a wealth of experience, expertise and passion,” he shared. “Together, we drive innovation, foster growth, and lead Nélo Life towards new horizons. We have real faces and real stories behind our success. Everyone on the team is a leader in their own right. They handle the logistics to make the process seamless and smooth for everyone.”

As a co-owner and CEO of Nélo Life, Allen plays a pivotal role in the company’s operations and strategic direction. He feels “incredibly blessed” to work alongside such creative and passionate people, leading the team towards the company’s vision and mission while staying true to ‘radical transparency.’

What sets Nelo Life apart is our unique approach. We are not just a company with a single product or platform. Instead, we are a tech and membership-based company, offering a multitude of high-value services. This diversity in our offerings is what makes us truly unique.

At Nelo Life, we believe that everything rises and falls on leadership. That’s why we have made a deliberate and important move to ensure high-value leadership. This commitment to leadership excellence is what sets us apart and gives our audience the confidence that they are in good hands.

“I used to equate ‘success’ with worldly possessions, money, shiny things,” Allen shared. “I quickly realized that more and more stuff never filled the void in my heart. Today, success to me is leaving behind a legacy that made a positive impact on the world, and a light that sparked others to become the best versions of themselves as well.”

Nelo Life Eric Allen’s Personal Life and Passions

Away from the boardroom, Eric Allen is a community champion passionate about serving others. He actively volunteers at philanthropic events, organizes charity events for underprivileged children, and coaches a youth basketball team. He is married to his wife, Casey, and the couple are parents to three boys and a daughter. As much as he loves his career, Allen says being a father is the most tremendous honor of his life.

“I’m most proud of carving out a lot of time the past 10 years to coach all of my three younger kids in their sports – baseball, basketball, soccer, and so forth,” Allen explained. “Unfortunately, I missed out on a lot of that special time with my oldest son while chasing my dream of being a ‘big time’ college basketball coach, and I’ll never get it back! As competitive and ambitious as I can be at times, creating tons of memories with my family during their crucial upbringing is something I will cherish forever. My career in basketball has taught me the importance of teamwork, discipline, and perseverance, values that I strive to instill in my children.”

Eric and Casey are very intentional about how they raise their children, making emotional, spiritual and physical health and wellness a “top priority.” The Allen family loves to vacation and read books together as they enjoy uninterrupted family time.

“My faith is a huge part of managing the worldly stresses as well,” Allen said. “Without His grace and willingness to save a sinner like me, I would be lost with no hope whatsoever.”

Allen is thrilled about the future of his family and Nelo’s Life. He believes new beginnings are on the horizon for his family and those who partner with the company. Allen says life has come full circle. His early days of working with young athletes on the basketball court shaped his life and has allowed him to now be a “coach” to people around the globe.

“My time as an inner city teacher and coach, where I met my wife, is filled with some of my best memories,” Allen said. “I had the privilege of working with talented and resilient young people who faced significant challenges. I love to pour guidance and light into youth from tragic backgrounds. Nothing warms the heart of my wife and me like when we run into former students and athletes we coached, and they tell us stories that stuck with them and made a transformational impact on their lives. I love the expression of changing the world by starting in your backyard. Everywhere we look, especially today, people are hurting and struggling, carrying their own demons and struggles, and even a smile and show of love and compassion can go a long way in creating a ripple effect that shines a brighter light on the world.”


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